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January 2015

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Magic key.

Only those worthy of admittance are allowed here.

Random facts about me:

I hate Mexican food.
I have trichotillomania.
I sure do love my mommy.
I love cats. A lot.
I'm a die-hard Hamasaki Ayumi fan.
Totally in love with 2NE1.


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Well, I checked out your journal after you left me a comment. What's up? Man, What happened. I agree. Everything you ever say in a journal is your business. It is completely whatever you want to say. Freedom of speech, hello!!! Oh well. Good luck with that.
Kinda Ironic about the whole Mallory thing. Bet that was funny. I would never criticize anyone on their journal, and I would expect that from my friends too. Good luck with all the drama!

Re: Whoa...

Hey you're cool so I'm gonna add you.
You would probably be afraid to read my journal :D It's pretty... RAH RAH RAH.
Heyy!! remember me? You sent me a letter and I sent you one back (hope it got there safely)! Just thought I'd say "hey!!". :D
Are you Kristal?
Hey, your journal seems pretty cool. Are you into Sailor Moon and stuff. We have alot of the same intrests. You seem cool
Thanks ^_^ Yeah, I love Sailor Moon. S is my favorite series.


hey - 2 comments. one - i'd love to be added as a friend (and i will likewise add you if you wish - not that my life is very entertaining)

the second pertains to the intro of the 28dayshealthier page -- about referring people who are not overweight or who have an ED to 28dayplan. I think this plan is great for everyone, even if they aren't overweight. And also, I think it could be great for people with eating disorders who wish to take control of it instead of being controlled by it. If they set healthy food goals, it could be great for them. anyway, i was just wondering if you could change the wording on that.


Re: friends

Yeah, I think so. I will add you ^_^
yeah, so i applied to that beautiful brains thing, because it looks cool. Thanks for referring me. I was confused on section 4, where you have to "choose one" so, i chose one of the 3 options. Was i wrong to do that? lol. I think, after reviewing other peoples applications that i was supposed to answer all 3.. lemme know.
Yeah, you were supposed to answer all three questions, but I can understand how you got confused about it. When your application goes up for voting, maybe you could explain that you were confused and why. If you're rejected because of it, they will let you apply again :)

I am now totally amused.. That cracked me up! You rock!

*adds you to friends*
Thanks! But who are you and how did you find me?
oooh.....your ayumi hamasaki background is soooooo cute! I love her in that geisha outfit! My roommate loves ayumi too.....we have like ten thousand posters on our walls....
Thanks :D I love Ayu. She's my favorite. I only have 3 posters and they were all from her RAINBOW album release. I can't wait until her next album comes out!
Hey - Is it cool if I add you?
Sure ^_^


Can I be on your friends list? I saw one of your posts on the Atkins thing and you like Ayu, how perfect is that?!?

Re: Please?

Sure ^_^
Hey, I found you randomly through the customers_suck community and nearly freaked when I saw your PGSM icons. Do you mind if I add you? ^^
I saw you on CREA, thought you might like to be friends. Sailor Moon is really awesome, I really like the whole idea of a Live Sailor Moon. Your icon is really cute. Let me know if you want to talk online sometime or whatever. Ayumi Hamasaki is one of my idols, so we may have lots in common! ^_^
Go ahead and add me as a friend ^_^
em, just wondering why I was deleted?
How did you find me? Do we have anything in common? What makes you want to add me?


Okay, you've talked me into it.
Welcome to the "laughing at pretentious nitwits" interest family ;). I'm a bit of a geek and am trying to see how an interest makes its way from user to user, so would you mind letting me know how you came across it?
Hmm. You know, I don't remember! Sorry!
Im cool..right?

Wut heck?
Sounds good!
Hey, its me, fromthe SM rating thingy, just wondering id i could be your friend, so as i can find out when your book is out and i can read a bit of it.
looking forward to it! Buhbye!

Oh yeah, is it cool if i add you?
Yeah, you can add me! Sorry it took so long. I've been with out Internet because I moved. I just added you!

New Friend?

All I have to say is "put the lotion in the basket". Just kiddin anyway you seem pretty cool was wonderin if we could be friends. Would like to know more about ya.... your going to be an author huh? What do you prefer to write??

Re: New Friend?

Hey sure, add me.

I'm really into writing fantasy with an emphasis on women kicking ass.
Hiya. I just thought I'd add my two cents in saying that Anime rocks and I love Japan and I want to move there and make sweet love to the country.

I'm done.
Wow. You sound dedicated to the cause. Of love making. To Japan.

That's hardcore.

I will add you to my friends list, yo.
I <3 you and everything Ayumi-related that you conjured up. ^______^;

And the fact that you have Star Trek Voyager (more <3) listed in your interests gave me one of these: O.o :O :DDDD!!!

So, it is very nice to meet you! d(^.^);>
Then I must add you.


you are a very strong girl. kudos to you. i seen your name on a community that i am a memeber of, and i also seen your pics. i was there once. in 8th grade i had to shave my head. that was the hardest thing for me.. and then my world crashed. i'd like it if you could maybe add me.

<3 a fellow trichster.

Re: hullo.

Sure, I will add you.

I had to shave my head in fifth grade. Baaaad times.
Yo, it's Katy.
I used to be theater_dix

Ohhh okay, you talked me into it.

join it.

go to it.
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