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January 2015

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LJI week 1 - The Jayus Within

What's big and white and flies through the trees? A refrigerator.

Haikus are stupid
and do not always make sense.

Roses are red;
Violets are blue;
Some poems rhyme;
But this one doesn't.

Honest to goodness, this is the lame-ass joke my husband told back in 2005 that made me fall in love with him (this is real, seriously, this is all it took to get into my pants):

"Alien was a stupid movie. I mean, Bishop could move in every direction, not just diagonally."


I understand the loss of pants, I love that joke.
I love how subtle it was! I wonder if he knew the impact it would have on his future when he told it.
I like the joke he told! ^_^
Isn't it sweet?! He told that joke in roughly October of 2005 and I still remember it.
I don't know why but I love that Haiku. I often find things that make no sense rather funny, haha.
I think for me, I just really like the word refrigerator!
Sometimes the bad joke can win one over! Smile.
Definitely! They're so genuine.
Happy belated birthday!!
Thank you! I haven't seen an update from you in quite a while! I hope you're doing well!
Yeah, it's been ages hasn't it? How are you? I'm pregnant at the moment so I'm about to enter a whole new phase in my life. ^^

I'm doing well. Nothing as exciting as pregnancy happening here!

You should update your journal and talk about what's happening in detail!
Check and Mate. Quite literally it seems!
Hahaha, I love it. Chess jokes are great.
I totally lol'd. Flying refrigerator and Bishop joke, yeah!
I told these at work and was met with dirty looks and awkward, forced laughter. NAILED IT.
So funny!
Ok that joke made me laugh!
Good! I think I've nailed the jayus down!
That one reminds me of another joke I found thanks to the majesty that is Pinterest:

"Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I hate rhyming.
Haha, I approve.
haha...enjoyed the Haiku one...actually enjoyed them all...don't blame you for falling for the guy...:)
Thanks :) The roses are red poem gets me every single time.
I adore the haiku!
Isn't it sweet? I can't help but at least smile!
that's a terrible joke your husband told, and i totally get why you fell in love with him. (also? the refrigerator joke made me giggle.)
The refrigerator joke was another of his. Some of our early days together!
The Haiku is awesome! Nice.
Thanks! Not sure where I heard it but I'm fairly certain I'm not the one who made it up.
Every relationship has to start somewhere. :)
It started on the foundation of a sweet little friendship :)
Loved the simplicity in your husband and of course the straightforwardness you have projected. A relationship that starts with a laugh is good and that's experience talking and a relationship that ends in each others pants ... well that's even better and sustaining..... :) Loved it for being short , sweet and catering to the romantic in me .... Good luck :)
Well, I laughed. :D
*snorts* I can understand why your husbands joke worked :-)
omg at the Bishop joke, lol. That is awesome. :D
I can't resist a good Chess joke!
It's funny the things that make us fall in love!
It is! He still has some pretty jayus-like things to say. I'll keep him!
Those "bad" jokes are the good ones! AW
Love the haiku :)
It's definitely my favorite haiku!
Oh man, if only I met you first, I might have had a shot.

In seriousness this entry made me smile.
Oh, you!

Glad it made you smile. I have to admit, my first time around had me pretty nervous. Especially once the poll went up. Time will tell!