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January 2015

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LJ Idol Week 3: In Another Castle

Pupils dilate. Breaths are short and shallow. Mouth is dry.

Heart racing. Palpitating. Getting closer now.

The cold sweat of my brow is dangerously close to my eyes. Stinging. I must give all my attention to this one task. I can't lose now. I've come too far.

Heart pounding. Faster. My mind scurries. I struggle to stay on duty. Should I give up? No. I've come so far.

I'm here. Fighting for my life. Hammers fly. Fireballs whip past. I focus. I dodge. I jump.

Jaw clenched. Extremities numbed. Can I get through this? I think back on times before. I wonder how much more I can endure.

I've defeated the beast. I'll get what I've come for!

Your princess is in another castle.

Damn it.

What new Hell awaits beyond the pipe?


OMG YES, bahahah. I did in fact beat that game. Once. In my entire life. I can't even play it anymore, it's so much harder than I remember it being.
I played The Lost Levels and it was pretty much an experiment in how much teeth grinding my enamel could take. Couldn't do it without save-states.
Gotta love the brevity...instant identification with anyone who had an NES....well played.
Thank you :)
I know the feeling oh so well, you wrote it perfectly.
Thanks! This game and Kid Icarus... oi!
Well done...handled it nicely..short and crisp!
Thanks so much!
Very cute! While I didn't play this game, I knew exactly what you were talking about. Nice use of details.
You didn't play the game!? Wow! Probably saved you a lot of ground teeth enamel if you have my temper.
This made me giggle. I like!
That's what I was hoping for! Glad you like it, thanks!!
Entertaining to read! AW
Thank you!
Hahahah.. I could never win this game too.. I switched the Galaxy...much easier.:) Lovely post.
Galaxy? I am not familiar with that!

I think I played almost all version of the Mario games, until they got super new.
I like how you describe this :)
Thank you!
Color me clueless as to the game reference here but well written just the same. Smile.
Thank you! It's Super Mario Bros! Loved me some old NES.
(please note icon, selected just for you)
Thank you!

Love the icon! I tried on lots of ass-kicking boots today, actually!
Hahaha, nice. Thank you!
I never got to beat the game because I never actually had my own NES, I had a Sega...but I played a few levels on friend's systems! I liked the way this was written. :)
I loooved Sega. My favorite Sega game was Sword of Vermillion. Did you ever play it?
Very cute!
Thank you!!
All that work, and the princess is in another castle? (Sigh) Back to work then, I suppose.
And again and again...
I remember that game...

This was short and sweet, I really enjoyed it :)
Thank ou!
Love it! I definitely think you'll love mine after reading yours!!
I'll check it out this evening! Thank you!!
At least this puts the reference in complete context for me!

And I can see why gamers laughed at the prompt, because that result would be incredibly frustrating. :D
I guffawed when I saw the prompted! I knew quite a few people would be posting along the same line, but I didn't mind.
Yes. Every. time.

I wonder what kind of psychological damage this did to us all as kids?
Haha, I never considered that! Although there was a very interesting article on the instant gratification issue video games can cause...
Short sentence fragments really set the feeling of being in the game.

I like the way the last line hints at more than one kind of addiction. :)
You know, writing that way is only a recent addition! Someone was editing some of my work and said, "If you write in fragments, it kind of makes the reader's heart beat faster." I had never noticed in my own reading before.

Thanks for stopping in!
Aw, poor Mario.
:) This is an entertaining look at what those poor plumbers must have been thinking.
Hahaha. You totally got me thinking about something else at the beginning of the entry, nice deception, and nice rendition of real-life Mario :D
This made me chuckle, even though I saw it coming, it was still a fun ride!