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Ayu's Distance Love - Fated

January 2015

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Magic key.

This blog is rated R for profanity and adult-themed content.

This has been bothering me for a really long time, so I'm going to let it out, and the hell with anyone else's feelings because quite frankly I'm tired of pussyfooting around everyone else and trying to be The Good Guy(TM).

It's not terribly common knowledge that I kind of 'snapped.' back in September. Things just kept on piling up and before I knew it, I was suffocating. This is where I'll get specific.
I had this friend, Brandon, since high school. In junior high, I absolutely detested Brandon. He would always make lewd comments about my bust size, though I was dating his best friend. I get talking about girls, I really do, but right in front of them is when you have crossed the line. "Man yeah Mallory has fuckin huge jugs" is unacceptable behavior.
But we were teenagers and I figured he'd grow out of it. The last time he said anything like that in my presence, we were about 16. We didn't really talk until we were seniors in high school and both had consumer math class. I didn't even know he was in the class until second semester, when somehow I ended up sitting by him.

He told me stories about how he had a child but the child and the mother both died in a terrible car accident, and he showed me a picture of then. I was realizing that under the awful exterior, this person was a human being with emotions and a history just like anyone else. He had a soft creamy center! Awwww.

I started dating his best friend and so we spent quite a bit of time together. He was one of Chris's groomsmen at the wedding and he brought a date. Some of Chris’s friends were making fun of her because she had a really large ass. I thought she was really pretty, though, and a few days later when I saw Brandon online, I sent him a message and told him, “Your date to the wedding was gorgeous!” and he replied with, "well she thought you were really fat and could stand to lose some weight and I agree."

That was quite a slap in the face from a man who weighed damn near 400 pounds at the time. Hi kettle, I'm the pot and you're black! But I think it bothered me so much because I agreed. I had pretty bad self-esteem.

Brandon and I didn't talk for a while, until he messaged me one day saying "SHE BROKE UP WITH ME CRY CRY" (dramatization) and I felt pretty bad for him, but not for too long because he immediately met someone online who he was already in love with.

She lived on the east coast and he planned to move there, and holy crap you'd think the sky was raining down blood. Brandon's mom came over crying to me and Chris (and my best friend, Michael, who was staying with us) about how the girl Brandon was moving in with was a total freak who wears black lipstick and leather bustieres (I think it sounds cool), and how she was only 15 or something and the girl and her mother were coming to Missouri to pick Brandon up, and how horrible a mother this woman would have to be to let her teenage daughter live with a man she barely knows. I can't say I disagree with that part!

Chris felt really bad and decided to tell Brandon’s mom about the baby Brandon allegedly had. I was like, “Wait, she doesn’t know?” and Chris said Brandon never told her. So he told her and she cried and mourned the death of a grandchild she most likely never even had.
Moving on, Brandon left for the east coast and we didn't hear from him again for about a year. The next time he contacted me, he sent me a message on Yahoo to say he had just gotten back from a cruise (not sure where to) and that he had tons of money, though he didn't have a job, and was buying lots and lots of DVDs and expanding his sword collection. I asked where the money was coming from and he told me women on the east coast were pretty hard up for sex and so he had become a male prostitute.

Obviously, I had my reservations, but he insisted, and then I found myself to be rather disgusted with him because he was cheating on his girlfriend (as it was a secret from her – she thought he had a regular job).

I didn't talk to him for about another year. The next time I did, I asked him how his gigolo business was going and he said he had no idea what I was talking about. He said he never told me he was having sex with women for money. The story changed completely. Immediately following that, he told me he was in love with me and that I was beautiful. Why? He heard Chris and I were having problems. Perfect time to swoop in.

Chris cheated on me, and Brandon tried to act like a great friend about it – I’m gonna kick his ass, give me that girl’s information, I wanna tell her she’s a homewrecker, etc.
In reality, he sent her a message to hit on her. They carried on a brief relationship. See, the girl Chris cheated on me with was his mother’s brother’s daughter – yes, his own cousin. So when Chris’s mom found out Brandon was messing around with her niece, she called her brother and told him what sort of person Brandon actually is. Brandon would always talk about what a bad ass he is – the reason he can’t keep a job is because he has a long, extensive criminal record for being violent towards his bosses. He just can’t take being told what to do and throws punches and stuff. Except a 2 minute search on MO Casenet renders no such record. Because it’s bullshit.

Anyway, girl broke up with him per her father’s freakout. This was totally all me and Chris's fault so Brandon hated us for like 2 years. No biggy, we weren't missing much, but he appeared off and on over the course of the next couple of years to tell me that his family hated me because of what I did to Chris (??? Chris is the one who cheated on me but okay). He said he was mad at me because he had it on good authority that me and his brother talked really bad about him. At that time I had only ever spoken to Brandon’s brother once and he never came up.

I heard from him again in summer of 2008. He said he was living with his mom again, and that his mom was living with his brother, and that things were bad because he and his brother didn’t get along. Shockingly, his brother didn't stand for the bullshit, such as never doing anything and the perpetual brooding act, as well as the 'oh yeah im a swinger i have sex with random couples cuz im teh awesome' or the 'oh yeah im wiccan even though i know absolutely nothing about the religion.' (He told me once he hated Christians because Christians killed Jesus and I was like... wut.)

Of course, at the time the only side of the story I heard was Brandon's, which was 'he doesn't like my religion or that I'm interested in astrology,' as well as 'I apparently didn't bring in the groceries that were in the back of the truck but I didn't know I was supposed to.'

It seemed like he had finally tried getting his life together. He had a job at the local country club mowing lawns and seemed to really like it. He had held that job for several months and was happy. But a few months later he told me he lost that job because he had an evaluation, and that his mechanical skills just weren’t up to snuff because they needed someone to be able to fix things on the spot. He said he got a good reference and was ready to start job hunting again.

That was probably all lies but that didn’t occur to me then.

His brother kicked him out because he didn’t have a job, but his uncle was working on an apartment building and told him he could stay at one of the places until his job ended.
It was hot. It was July and he needed to find a job, but he didn’t have a car so he walked everywhere. I offered to drive him around to get job applications so he didn’t go in covered in sweat and smelling bad. We spent one day driving all over town getting applications and the next day, I drove him around so he could take them all back. Me and Michael also spent a lot of time over at the apartment, just chatting and reminiscing about junior high and high school. It was fun.

We saw the situation he was in and thought it really sucked. A few days after he turned in all those applications, his phone had been disconnected for lack of funds, so then he had no way to get calls for interviews. It seemed like he just couldn’t catch a break.
Then he started telling me he wanted to go to college because he was tired of feeling like a mooch all the time. This hit really close to home for me, because when I was married to Chris, I couldn't hold down a job and felt like I was basically mooching off of him. I realize now that feeling that way was stupid, because me and Chris were married and I did my part (his mom was a huge problem who always told me I was worthless because I didn’t make enough money – she called my income ‘peanuts’).

When Brandon told me he wanted to go to school and stop feeling like a mooch, I felt like I was looking into a (heavily distorted) mirror and I wanted to help him. He had finally done it - I was finally being manipulated. Dance puppet, dance! He wanted to go to college for business, because his dream was to open a game store with comics and all kinds of really cool stuff. I told him you don't need a business degree to start a business, and business degrees are mainly for people who want to work for a corporation. Entrepreneurial stuff doesn't take a degree, but some trade school skills are handy.

Then he changed course quickly, saying he wanted to go for something else, and I suggested psychology because I thought he would be a really good social worker, and the possibilities with a psych degree are virtually endless (haaahhaha oh how ignorant I was), but he turned that down and said he once beat someone up with a 2x4 because he had been molesting a kid.
Amazingly, the guy he bludgeoned with the 2x4, after getting up, said only "Why did you do that?" and didn't freak out in any other way and Brandon just said "You know why." and the guy never went to the cops. Sounds just as likely as him being a male prostitute if you ask me.

Anyway, I told him as a social worker you have to do investigations on child abuse claims and you don't just go storming in with wood and smacking people, so he said he couldn't do that because he's too violent. So then I suggested criminal justice might be for him, and he seemed to agree, but either way, he just really wanted to go to school. I eventually put two and two together and figured out that he only wanted to go to school because he wanted to get Pell grants to pay for school as well as living expenses so that he didn't have to get a job. Sometimes the thickness of my skull surprises even me.

But still, I saw genuine need for education in him, and the end of his time at the apartment was fast approaching. I was deeply concerned for him, because he couldn't seem to find a job and he was about to be homeless, and without a computer, there was no way he could take online classes or anything. I was so sad for him, because I'm a freakin' Pisces. So I told Michael (my best friend and roommate if I didn't already mention that) how I was feeling and suggested that we let Brandon stay with us.

The stipulations:
-In order to live with us, he had to first clean 3 rooms, and upon completion, he could live here for one month for free, and could move in on September 5, 08. He wouldn't have to pay a red cent until November 5, 08, which was only to be ONE THIRD of the utilities. He didn't have to pay rent.
-He had to be actively enrolling in college, and at the end of six months, at LEAST be actively seeking a job.
-No talking about killing animals, especially our cats, even as a joke.
-No sexual innuendos of any kind, especially in regards to us.
-No smoking in the house.
-NO PEOPLE met on the Internet were permitted to come over.
-No phone calls after 10PM.
-His mother wasn't allowed to be over at all times.
-He had to help keep up with the household chores.

Michael said it sounded pretty good and we decided it would be okay. The next evening, I went to visit Brandon alone and told him my idea, and asked him if he wanted to live with us. He didn't look terribly thrilled for someone who was about to end up on the streets, which surprised me.

He turned me down, and I understood because living with friends is really hard. Michael and I have lived together for a long time and there are times, not recently for me, that we've wanted to strangle each other. I told Brandon that, and he said it just didn't seem plausible, especially as far as the phone thing was concerned, because he would always be making phone calls and it would run up our bill and he didn't have a way to pay it, so living at our house would be kind of boring. That's where I royally screwed up.

"Oh, we have unlimited long distance. You can call anywhere in the country and it doesn't cost us anything but $10 a month, no matter how long you're on the phone."

His demeanor completely changed, and suddenly this was a great idea. My stomach immediately starting getting that gross sinking feeling and I knew it was a bad idea. As I was leaving, he said, “So I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" which caught me off guard. "Why?" I asked. He said, “To get started on the cleaning, and I can call a couple friends."

You see where this is going. I knew then that the only reason he wanted to come live with us was because he could call random Internet people. But I convinced myself that as long as he was going to college, a little recreational chatting was no big deal.

The cleaning began a few days later. He came over and cleaned out the shed (room 1) so that I could move everything in my office (room 2) to the shed (room 1) so that all the stuff from his room (room 3) could be moved into my old office (room 2).

He got the shed finished within a few days, which was impressive because it was mostly heavy stuff, and it was late August so it was hot! But then his mom started coming over all the time, and worse, was constantly calling my cell phone to talk to him. And it was never a polite "Is Brandon there?" If I didn't answer, she would leave frantic voicemails and mark them as urgent; making it sound like it was life or death. "MALLORY THIS IS BRANDON'S MOM, I REALLY NEED TO TALK TO HIM, IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT, SUCH AND SUCH IS WRONG AND IT'S AN EMERGENCY SO PLEASE HAVE HIM CALL ME RIGHT AWAY." Five minutes later, another voicemail just like it. Usually I'd get three of those urgent voicemails and then the text messages would start pouring in. The daily average was about 6 calls a day and three urgent voicemails.

She was also coming over to help him clean, which was not a big deal. But there was definitely some weird-ass co-dependency going on there. I went and helped clean room 2, as well.

Funny side story – I had accidentally spilled some diet soda while we were cleaning and he goes, “Good thing ants can’t climb.” … What??? Yes they can wtf??? I just kind of looked at him funny and said, “Well it’s diet soda anyway, ants wouldn’t want it.” And he goes, “yeah but there’s still sugar in it.” … No there’s not. That’s what makes it diet.

Anyway, Brandon and his mom did a terrific job cleaning up those rooms. They even got the weird smell to go away (you know, that smell when a room has been shut up for a really long time). But I still had this feeling of impending doom in the pit of my stomach. I felt like I was already in too deep, and he had done such a wonderful job of cleaning that I thought it would be cruel to tell him no. He also told me his mom said it was like an answered prayer because she was so scared he'd end up on the streets, and with winter coming...

Me and Michael got Brandon some incense as a welcome gift. We had high hopes and thought we could make it work out.

But meanwhile, my cell phone is ringing like crazy. His mom is calling me constantly with these big huge important urgencies. She even came to the house one day driving 70 mph. It was insane.

Then she started calling me at work, leaving more frantic messages. By the way, it was never an emergency; it was always stuff like "Do you want to go grocery shopping with me?" or "Do you want to go visit grandma today?"

It gets better. I had mentioned to the landlady’s daughter that we cleaned that room and she knew some of her Beanie Babies were in there, so she asked for them. I asked Brandon if he had seen them when they were cleaning and his eyes got big. He said his mom took them.
I was dumbfounded. I finally asked why, and he said, without skipping a beat, “Because they’re worth money.”

I just… couldn’t think. I just stood there. He goes, “I’ll get them back.” And he went and called her. She brought them back that day and was very apologetic, saying she didn’t think anyone would notice they were gone or even miss them, and she planned to auction them off, etc. I just couldn’t believe it was happening.

I probably should have told Brandon to gtfo right then and there but I didn’t. I don’t know why, to be honest. Guilt, maybe? Maybe I felt bad for making him clean all that for a month’s rent and then kicking him out, even though I had grounds to do so.

A little background, I /loved/ my job. I loved working on MoonPrism AND working as a substitute teacher. I got no greater joy, seriously. Wednesday night, September 10, I said I was going to bed because I had to work in the morning. I remember being excited because I was going to be subbing for Mrs. Rahaman and her classes were always cool. I was dead asleep by 11PM. 1AM comes around, and the phone rings and wakes me.

I'm furious. If I get woke up by a high pitched noise, I don't go back to sleep. I can't for some reason, plus I was mad because now we have the phone rule broken, plus his mom was coming over all the time and he still didn't seem to be getting enrolled in college. At this point, he had only been living there for a full five days. That's it.

He was also eavesdropping and commenting on my private conversations. Letters written to my boyfriend had been unfolded and read, moved from where I had kept them. And yet I couldn't bring myself to saying anything. I was so exhausted the next day that I had to call into work, and my nerves had me throwing up.

The house phone was ringing constantly. He would delete the caller ID on the front room phone, but the phone in Michael's room still showed incoming calls from all over the place. Brandon had also been using my computer to look at porn and go to weird sites for swingers where he would make plans for them to pick him up at the end of our driveway and take them wherever to do whatever.

And still I didn't say anything. All I said was NO CALLS AFTER 10 PLZ :) Otherwise, I continued to have DOORMAT printed across my smiling face. After all, I /was/ the one who offered him a place to stay.

Then it came time for it to be his turn to clean the house, but conveniently, he was going away for 3 weeks (to stay with someone he met online, and apparently to find work LOL)! This bugged Michael, but I was glad to get a little peace and quiet around the house. I figured the phone would stop ringing when he left, but it didn't, so I unplugged it.
The moment it was plugged back in, the phone rang, and Michael answered it and the girl asked for Ethan, which was a fake name Brandon was giving out to hide his identity. He had been giving out our phone number and address but wasn’t giving any real personal details about himself.

I felt my kind, gentle nature slipping away.

I went to stay with my mom for a few days and Brandon came back while I was away. Michael told me Brandon asked him if he could have a girl over, and Michael told him he would need to talk to me. He never did, because within 20 minutes some girl was over.

Michael said Brandon had also grabbed the keys to my car one evening and planned to take off, and Michael warned him that would be a suicide mission.

Michael said he locked him out that night, accidentally, because he was outside really late at night and Michael goes to bed early because he gets up for work around 3-4AM, and so he locked the door. Brandon broke out the dining room window. His mother later offered to fix it. Never happened.

On top of that, he was seemingly always trying to play me and Michael against each other. One day, he randomly said to me "Ever notice that Michael's tone deaf?" I don't know if he expected me to be like "OH YEAH MICHAEL SUX!!" so he could run and tell Michael what I said, but I said "Only when he wears earphones." Brandon said "Oh yeah that's what I meant."

I think Michael had a few stories, too, but I don't remember them. He also threatened to kill Francis (Michael's kitty) which was a huge no-no. And, he'd randomly say shit like "I'M GONNA FUCKIN KILL MY MOM" or "I WISH THAT OLD BITCH WOULD JUST FUCKIN DIE SO SHE WOULD GO AWAY/LEAVE HER CAR TO ME.”

Then what finally did it... it was around October 25, which is his birthday. The moment I walked in the house, I wished him a happy birthday, because I /always/ remember birthdays. It's a gift. You tell me your birthday once and I will remember it for life, but once again, I digress. He said he was surprised I remembered and I just smiled, and he said people had been calling all day to wish him a happy birthday and I was happy for him because it's always nice when that stuff happens.

The next day, he left for a week to Houston to meet some girl from the Internet (And to look for work LOL), and that's when Kaplan University called to ‘change Brandon’s mind!’ and I asked what the meant. The person on the phone said Brandon had told them he had no intention of going to school after he’d filled out all the paperwork the previous month, and so they were going to try again to register him for classes in January.

I felt so stupid, thinking he would ever really try to change.

Then some psychopath called screaming and was like "IS THIS MALLORY?!" I told her yes, and she began berating me about how 'ETHAN' was upset because nobody wished him a happy birthday and he was online talking about how his life was so awful because all the people around him completely disregarded him... and I just couldn't take it anymore. He was able to give these people completely false names, but give them my phone number which allowed them to do reverse lookups and get a hold of my name and address.

I also happened to get the phone bill that day, and did the math - from September 5 - October 13, he racked up 33 hours of telephone time, not to mention the 52 total hours playing Final Fantasy AND THIS INCLUDES THE THREE WEEKS HE WAS GONE and therefore couldn't call from here.
Here is the actual conversation that happened while he was staying with his friend, with my added commentary in bold.

Session Start (viral_chan:THEBRANDON): Tue Oct 28 14:52:52 2008
[14:52] THEBRANDON: Anybody call for me since I left???
[14:53] viral_chan: Yeah quite a few people. One person blocked their number and asked if I was Mallory and then reamed my ass. I hung up on her. She sounded like an older lady.
[14:54] THEBRANDON: I only talk to 1 older lady and she'd never do that
[14:54] THEBRANDON: Not w/o telling me first
[14:54] THEBRANDON: Well, sorry about that
[14:54] THEBRANDON: Anybody else call for me???
Yes, I can tell you're very sorry.
[14:55] viral_chan: Well I don't actually know if she was older, just that she kind of sounded it. She asked for TT. I was like... you mean [name removed]? And she was like... YEAH IS THIS MALLORY and I was like yeah it's mallory x.x and she started getting all bent out of shape about how I forgot your birthday and I was like "I said happy birthday to him as soon as I came in the house." and at first I thought maybe it was your mom but it didn't sound anything like her.
[14:56] viral_chan: But anyway, she said she knew my name because she did a reverse look up of our phone number and that she knows where we live now and all that shit. So I went online and looked and sure enough you can do reverse look ups on phone numbers so that's apparently how she ended up with my name.
[14:56] viral_chan: She said you were all upset that absolutely everyone forgot your birthday. Which hey, pisses me off because before I left for Rolla, three or four people had already called about it, and I remembered anyway.
[14:57] THEBRANDON: Yeah, reverse directories rn't all that uncommon
[14:57] viral_chan: So you're giving out my phone number to strangers who don't even know your real name but know mine? Fuck that.
[14:58] THEBRANDON: Yeah, I never told anybody that EVERYBODY forgot, I just sed most everybody forgot
Whatever, you liar. I went and read the freakin' logs between you and all your random Internet sex buddies you left on my computer.
[14:58] THEBRANDON: br
[14:59] viral_chan: I'm tired of getting caught in this phone drama. That's the fourth time someone has blocked their number to call. And the phone has been ringing at like midnight. We haven't answered it but on the caller ID it says Kristy or Christy and Sam. The actual names and numbers come up on Michael's phone though.
[15:01] THEBRANDON: Then I'll be having a talk w/ both of them
[15:01] THEBRANDON: I'm sorry, I've told everyone many times not to call after 9
[15:02] viral_chan: This has just been ongoing since you got here. It's like no matter how many times we tell you the rules, they get shit on. I think it'd just be best if you were gone by the 7th since you're paid up until then. You've been here for two months and it's still not working out.
[15:02] viral_chan: I was going to talk to you about it when you got home but Michael said your mom called this morning and he wasn't sure if she knew when you were going to be back or even if you were gone.
[15:04] viral_chan: I really did want to help you get your life on track but I think I had more interest in it than you did and I've been getting shit on since you got here, first with your mom calling 200 times, shit getting stolen. It's just way too much drama for 26 year old people and I've got my own life to worry about. I can't be dealing with all the crap that floats around you too. For the sake of what's left of our friendship and Michael's I think it's best for you to find somewhere to live within the next week.
[15:04] THEBRANDON: She knew, and I called her 2day
[15:05] THEBRANDON: I'll see wot I can do
[15:05] THEBRANDON: I wish u would of sed something b4 I left and I've been trying to make sure that none of my shit affected u 2
[15:06] viral_chan: Yeah it's always someone else's fault. It's my fault because I should have said something. Whatever.
[15:06] THEBRANDON: I'm sorry about all of this and I'll do my damnedest to be out soon but I've got NOWHERE to go
[15:06] THEBRANDON: brb
[15:07] viral_chan: The deal was that you would live here and go to school. You haven't done that. It's been 2 months you've had to go to get enrolled since you were on the enrollment wagon about a month before you even moved. Also, it's not my fault NOR Michael's that you have nowhere else to go.
[15:08] THEBRANDON: I never blamed u
[15:08] THEBRANDON: All I sed was I wish u would've sed something b4 I left
[15:08] viral_chan: About what? About thinking you should move out?
[15:09] viral_chan: Or what?
[15:09] THEBRANDON: I NEVER blamed EITHER of u
[15:09] viral_chan: Everytime I turn around you're twisting everything into someone else's fault. It's my fault my cords got buried upstairs because I wasn't here. It's my fault my desk is buried because I wasn't here.
[15:09] THEBRANDON: If u had told me b4 I left I could've put some effort into finding a place to live
[15:09] THEBRANDON: Cancelled my trip and looked for a place to sleep
[15:10] viral_chan: It's been 2 days since you left. Do you really think that 2 days would have made that big a difference?
[15:10] viral_chan: Where are you sleeping now?
[15:10] THEBRANDON: No, but I'm not gonna be back til Friday @ least
[15:10] THEBRANDON: I'm staying w/ my friend Casey
[15:11] THEBRANDON: Thas not something that I can run w/ either
[15:11] THEBRANDON: I don't have friends like u do so please don't tell me I have ppl to ask for help
Oh you don't have friends like I do, boo hoo. The reason I have friends, and good ones at that, is because I don't treat them like shit and use them.
[15:12] viral_chan: So who are all those people that call all the time? Yeah I don't care. You aren't going to guilt trip me so just save yourself the energy it takes to type and start looking for somewhere else to go. This hasn't been working from the start.
[15:12] THEBRANDON: No kidding
[15:13] THEBRANDON: Y do u think it took me so long to take u guys up on ur OFFER????
[15:13] THEBRANDON: I never asked to live w/ u
[15:13] THEBRANDON: Never
[15:13] THEBRANDON: U offered it to me and I'm doing everything I can
[15:14] THEBRANDON: BTW, I'm not twisting ANYTHING
[15:14] viral_chan: No, I realise that. I offered because you seemed to generally be interested in changing your life.
[15:14] THEBRANDON: i'm not guilt trippin u over anything
[15:17] THEBRANDON: I'm not gonna argue this, u don't see this anything to do w/ me b/c ur not lookin
[15:17] THEBRANDON: How long did it take u to notice I was gone the last time I left huh???
[15:18] THEBRANDON: Ur not paying attention if u think I'm not doing anything
[15:18] viral_chan: The next day. You might notice I'm gone most of the time.
[15:18] THEBRANDON: I notice when someone is gone
[15:18] viral_chan: Yeah the phone bill racked up to 31.5 hours of phone time says otherwise. Not to mention all the hours you racked up on Final Fantasy
[15:19] THEBRANDON: 31 hours and w/e the hours r on FF don't mean shit, I do all that personal stuff @ night when I get back.....don't I???
[15:21] THEBRANDON: The only reason I stay there during the day is b/c I've got other shit to deal w/ that gets taken care of in the afternoon and I'd like to smell good when I start doing it
[15:21] THEBRANDON: Like having interviews
[15:21] THEBRANDON: Thas just a "For instance"
[15:21] THEBRANDON: I'll be out as soon as I can
[15:21] THEBRANDON: Don't worry about it
[15:21] viral_chan: Done.

Okay, so yeah, he would be home in the evening, from around 4PM - 2AM talking on the phone, and he'd get up at 8AM and be gone by 9AM. For job interviews!


He would go up to the armory to use the computers up there to play Dragons and Vampires and all that stupid crap online that he has all over his Myspace page, as well as talking on his little porn sites and whatnot. He /never/ had a job interview the entire time he lived here, because the ONLY phone number they could call was here, and nobody ever called for him for a job interview. Only Kaplan and random girls ever called. He can lie and lie all he wants about it, but unless he went into Michael's room and deleted the caller ID, he's lying, and that's nothing new. So obviously, between playing Final Fantasy for 52 hours and talking on the phone for 30whatever hours at home, then going and playing Myspace games at the armory, he didn’t have time to go to a job interview. Come on.

He was moved out by the 2nd. He brought Internet Girl and his mom, and he thought he'd pull a fast one by leaving random crap here, including his mother's rug. She called to make sure he got everything and I told her the rug was here and she got pretty mad. She said she was pretty well done with his shit, but she's said that before. Funny thing is, even though she helped him move out and was ‘done with his shit,’ I watched her from my bedroom window spitefully throw trash all over my yard as punishment for kicking him out.

Not really sure what I felt the need to relive this, but I know I have an overly forgiving nature and because of that, I am prone to forgetting. I have a feeling I will need to be remembering this in coming months.


That's terrible. I wonder what drives people to behave this way. How do you have no remorse for being so awful to people?